What is Floating?

It is easier to ask “what do you want floating to be” than explain specifically what it is. The first experience can interesting and not always what you would expect. However, after 5 years of floating, I can still say every single float session is a different experience for me. Sometimes I just relax and drift off to a dream-like state for an hour and other times I have this amazing energy and create decisive plans for projects I have been working on. Creativity is heightened, thoughts get more streamlined. Sometimes, I work through anxiety or process strong emotions that I have been ignoring for a while that just needed a quiet uninterrupted platform to be able to be processed. Other times my body just needs a break from the constant pull of gravity and just feel weightless for a while. Other times the warm magnesium sulfate solution relaxes my aching muscles so deeply I can get in very deep stretching that I cannot achieve out of the tank. Every single time it is a different experience, so it is easier to say “what do you want floating to be?”