Frequently Asked Questions

First Time Floater:
Please arrive at the time of your scheduled appointment. You will get a 10 minute orientation and after that is complete, your 65 minute time will begin for the shower and then float. After the float is complete, you will get 15 more minutes to shower off and redress. The total time of the reservation is 90 minutes.

The Orion float suite is the largest float tank in Arizona currently, but we are aware that some people will not be comfortable in it regardless of the large size. The floating area is 9ft long by 5.5ft wide so plenty of room to stretch out in and the tank is also 9ft tall.

We never charge for a float if the individual is unable to be comfortable in the tank after a few minutes and realize that while flotation therapy is an amazing healing modality, it may not be for everyone.

Floating in Epsom salt water can cause stinging to sensitive areas of the skin. Irritation or micro-tears from shaving, exercise, sexual activity, chaffing, skin folds, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, eczema, or diabetic ports for example can be a source of sensitivity. 

Also, for females – shaving, waxing, ingrown hairs, some pregnant women, during cycles and menopause (hormones, pH, and/or medication like oral contraceptives) it is possible to experience sensitivity in the genital area. A&D ointment is provided in the room to use if you do have any areas of concern for skin irritation. 

We have found that female youth under the age of 12-14 struggle to float even using A&D ointment. We suggest that the parent has this discussion with their child at the time of booking so they know what to expect in regards to sensitive areas. We also suggest the youth try an Epsom salt bath a few days before to see if there is an issue. 

Yes! It is the best way to float. It is just you, alone in your private float suite. It is less interruption for you while you are floating and it is actually cleaner for the water. Bathing suits can trap a lot of bacteria and also detergent from being washed and soap from the shower that you take before you enter the tank. Inevitably when someone floats with a bathing suit on, there is a slight layer of foam on the surface of the water after they float.
If you are not comfortable floating nude, no worries, we don’t mind – we just want you to experience float therapy and feel safe and comfortable.

Please note that in order to enter the float tank, you will need to step up into the tank using a grab bar. Then you will be sitting down and laying back. After the float, you will be reversing this, sitting up, standing up, and stepping down and out of the float tank. If you do not feel comfortable with performing these movements on your own and in slightly slippery Epsom salt water, we encourage you to bring someone who can assist you.

We take great pride in providing the safest and most sanitary flotation experience possible. After every client, the tank water goes through a rigorous filtration process. Our filtration system is like nothing on the market. Our system includes 2 pumps that circulate the water at 65 gallons a minute for 20 minutes after every float through 1-micron filters, 2 UV sterilizer lights, an inline heater, and ozone. The tank water is checked daily for pH, total alkalinity, and specific gravity, and the filters are changed weekly.

Credit cards – also need a credit card on file to reserve float spa appointment, not to be charged until services are completed. We can also accept cash upon services rendered but still require a credit card on file for the cancellation policy!

Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel or reschedule, please call. We require 24-hour notice to avoid a
cancellation/rescheduling flat fee of $25. There is a no-call/no-show (prior to the arrival time)
flat fee of $50. Credit cards that are used at time of booking are not charged prior to your
appointment — they are used to hold the reservation and for our cancellation policy.

You can book your next appointment with us by following this link here.