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At the X, the health and safety of our floaters and staff are always our priority. We have strong sterilization systems and procedures to minimize risk of bacterial or viral infections, including UV-C light, Hydrogen Peroxide, NSF-certified 10-micron filtration, ventilation, and high Epsom salt content.

We are aware of the growing concerns around coronavirus (COVID-19) and along with you, we are closely following the CDC and World Health Organization for updates.

As the new owner of the X, I would like to take this opportunity to review the strong sterilization procedures we implement for each float session in light of today’s health concerns.

We utilize a UV sterilization system that applies radiation in the UV-C wavelengths ( Through destruction of DNA, UV-C light kills microbes and inactivates viruses (Hijnen et al., 2004)—including coronaviruses (Bedell et al., 2016). In fact, a 2004 study in the Journal of Virological Methods found that six minutes of UV-C irradiation completely inactivated SARS-CoV virus (Darnell et al., 2004)—a virus taxonomically similar to that of the current COVID-19 outbreak. Here at the X, we ensure that water is pumped through a UV-C sterilizer for one hour between every float session.

In addition to the UV light sterilization, our system uses hydrogen peroxide, NSF-certified 10-micron filtration, ventilation and high Epsom salt content to provide a sterile environment for each individual float session.

Furthermore, we have taken additional steps to ensure we provide the safest environment by disinfecting each room’s handles between each float session.

The CDC recommends everyday preventive actions to avoid the spread of respiratory disease – wash your hands frequently and distance yourself from those who are coughing or sick. If you aren’t feeling well, we are happy to reschedule your float session to a later time when you are symptom-free.

We are so grateful that you value the practice of floating and we look forward to see you soon!

Best regards,

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